Tangela Stephens

About Me

I am a graduate of "Lamar University" my major was "Applied Arts & Science" with a minor in Communications.  At the university I was an active member of the "Professional Communication Association, Southeast Texas Press Club, National Association of Black Journalist, and the NAACP. My greatest accomplishment was being the Executive Director & Founder of a non-profit called "Ames Community Association" which was all about empowering the community. 

Who Am I

I am the lady who is always blogging and going to events. I am a Facebook junkie and I love food trucks. I am also a solo traveler and loving learning about new cultures and places. 

My goal is to travel the world in 30 days not sure if that possible but, I would like to try. I am pretty laid back easy going and kind of go with the follow.

I like going to church and reading books I am kind of a geek on self-help books, and Christian Literature. Many people describe me as an "Nubian Queen" I agree my queen qualities come from positive thinking, and having a great personality. I can go on and on about me but, I don't because, I don't want to seem self-absorbed. Well those are just some randoms things I would to share about me. However, if you really like to know more about me subscribe to my blogs and follow me my Facebook. 

Lastly, I am consider myself a writer and that's what I loved to do. XOXOX 


Creator of "A Voice for The People" an online news blog. 

Winner of Miss Texas American Dream 

Television Appearance 

Community Work

I was a volunteer in my church television ministry.My duties were camera operator and board control operator.  I was also a volunteer for the Women of Hope Organization,  and a Girl Scout Troop Leader.